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snob nails technician school


scientific concepts


Infection Control and Blood Spills

Safety and First Aid Practices

Fundamentals of Chemisty

Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology

Nail Anatomy and Physiology

Basic Chemistry of Nail Products

nail technology procedures

Nail Technology Procedures – 60 percent

Client Consultation and Documentation

Nail Service Tools

Nail equipment

Nail implements

Nail supplies

Practice for the safe use of tools

Nail Service Preparation

Perform setup of workstation

Perform sanitation of technician and client’s hands/feet

Manicure and Pedicure Services

Perform procedures safely for a basic manicure and pedicure services

Shape nails

Cuticle detailing

Cleansing nails

Buffing nails


Perform basic massage

Recognize purpose and procedures for add-on services


Hot lotion/oil


Soak-off gels

Perform application, maintenance, and removal procedures for nail enhancement services

Perform post-service procedures following infection control guidelines

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