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In Maryland, you can take the GED if you: 

• are NOT currently enrolled in high school,

• are NOT a high school graduate,

• are a resident of Maryland, and

•have been officially withdrawn from traditional high school for at least three months.




The GED program is absolutely important for adults who did not complete high school and offers them one more chance to receive an equivalent diploma.

Obtaining the GED certificate will definitely improve job options and open doors of universities and colleges.


The GED test contains four individual sub-tests that you need to pass within a two-year period. The four testing fields are Social Studies (70 minutes), Science (90 minutes), Mathematical Reasoning (Math – 115 minutes), and Reasoning through Language Arts (Literacy – 150 minutes).


You do NOT need to sit for a GED practice test.

The Maryland GED exam is only for residents.

You are not a high school graduate and are not attending any other school program.


Photo ID is needed to participate in activities on both testing and assignment days.







If you stay motivated, you will be ready for your GED Test within a few weeks.

You get everything to practice for your GED Test so you can pass the official exam in no time and earn your High School equivalency diploma.

GED Test Questions

GED Math Test 41 questions + 5 without a calculator

GED Social Studies Test 36 questions

GED Science Test 35 questions

GED Language Arts Test 40 questions + Essay

You need 65% correct answers to pass the GED exam and the GED Test Passing Score is 145-200 points per subject.

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